The SPEEDY PTM key feature consists in  the ability to operate in shallow water and shore approach areas (in a few meters water depth). This PTM is able to carry out pipeline post-trenching, by avoiding to build a cofferdam and the inconvenience of potential ditch infilling by wave action (by carrying out further passes).

In this way, this method helps saving on post-trenching operational costs and on laying equipment stand-by lead-times.

The new generation of Speedy PTM is LEO PTM, which is currently the most adaptable, suitable for various water depths and for various seabed type areas.

LEO PTM can operate in both deep water, if equipped with a ballast tank, and in a few centimeters water depth up to shore approach, without the ballast tank.

LEO PTM is the best performing machine, able to work in different soil conditions (from loose to hard soil) and the most adaptable to the various project specifications.