Speedy / Leo

2020-01-23T12:11:15+01:00Equipment, Pipeline Post-trenching machines|

The SPEEDY PTM key feature consists in  the ability to operate in shallow water and shore approach areas (in a few meters water depth). This PTM is able to carry out pipeline post-trenching, by avoiding to build a cofferdam and the inconvenience of potential ditch infilling by wave action (by carrying out further passes). In [...]

Laser / Rack

2020-01-23T12:11:15+01:00Equipment, Pipeline Post-trenching machines|

The LASER PTM has been the first underwater pipeline post-trenching machine that SEA has designed and assembled in order to operate in hard seabed, with sedimentary rocks such as calcarenite, sandstone and limestone. By improving the Laser PTM design, SEA has designed and assembled the RACK PTM, an underwater pipeline post-trenching machine, that [...]


2020-01-23T12:11:15+01:00Equipment, Pipeline Post-trenching machines|

The Combo PTM is born from the combined experience of the past PTM models. The machine's frame can be modified on-site and adapted to project requirements. Furthermore, the cutting wheels and their arm supports can be changed, in order to operate on pipes that can range from 6"Ø to 50"Ø and in seabeds that go [...]


2020-01-23T12:11:15+01:00Equipment, Pipeline Post-trenching machines|

The PIPER PTM is a pipeline post-trenching machine that has been specifically designed for bundled and piggy-backed pipelines. The PIPER frame can be equipped with specific wheels that are able to run on piggy-back systems by avoiding any risk of pipeline/cable damage.


2020-01-23T12:11:15+01:00Equipment, Pipeline Post-trenching machines|

The Jolly PTM has been especially designed to perform the trenching works on small-diameter pipes, that risk being exposed to high stresses. Its most important characteristic is its weight, which is lighter compared to the other machines.


2020-01-23T12:11:16+01:00Equipment, Pipeline Post-trenching machines|

The GEO PTM is the last generation of underwater pipeline post-trenching machines, particularly suitable for seabed being from loose to medium-dense type. Compared to previous models, this machine can be equipped with larger cutting wheels, in order to reach deeper trench depths (up to 3m per pass, with the chance to carry out further passes). [...]


2020-01-23T12:11:16+01:00Equipment, Special equipment|

The RACK was designed by SEA's technical department, to perform post-trenching works on pipelines in shore approach and shallow water areas, where naval means cannot reach due to draft and mooring problems. The RACK is a tubular frame that can carry the load of an average PTM and lead it during the trenching operation. The [...]

Pulling Machine

2020-01-23T12:11:16+01:00Equipment, Special equipment|

SEA's PULLING MACHINE, furnished with a cable recoiling drum and highly technological control panel, is ideal for carrying out launching/pulling of lines. With the advent of the PULLING MACHINE (completely designed and constructed by SEA's technicians), SEA has reached a particular autonomy in installing and burying lines, in shallow water areas and in shore approaches. [...]


2020-01-23T12:11:16+01:00Cable-trenching machines, Equipment|

The MAC1 has been studied and manufactured to trench optical cables during or post-laid on the seabed. The trench is obtained using a rotating cutting wheel, which can be set to the desired trench depth. It can hold power cables (single or bundled), small-diameter water-pipes, gas pipelines, etc. The machine rests on supporting slides and can [...]