We are pleased to announce that SEA S.r.l. has successfully completed the remedial trenching works of 30” Karish Gas Development Project (Dor – Israel).

SEA’s post-trenching machine (GEO PTM) has been installed on board of the AHTS “EAS” (www.edtoffshore.com) in order to carry out the free-span correction and burying operation of the  30” Karish  pipeline at the final trenching quota of 1,4m TOP, for a length of 1.1 km.

The operations have been executed in February-March 2021 with the full acceptance of all the Parties involved in the Project: Marteam Ltd., TFMC and Energean.

We are very proud the all the offshore operations were carried out following the highest Quality and Safety standards with no incident/accident to the personnel or equipment involved.

We take the opportunity to thank all Marteam Ltd. team for the support given during the Project.