SEA can rely on the DP2 Supply Vessel ISKATEL-2, property of Buena Onda Shipping Ltd.

ISKATEL-2 is a catamaran vessel that was completely refurbished in 2008-2009. Its main dimensions are 49,30 m (length) x 18,20 m (width). In addition to the crew, it can host up to 25 people. Its main objective is to support trenching operations, but it can also support general offshore activities, including surveys.

Thanks to its double Dynamic Positioning 2 system, the vessel can work without having to rely on anchors, both in deep water areas, as well as in very shallow waters. This is possible due to the dimension of the thrusters, which were purposely designed by SEA’s Engineering Department, allowing the vessel to operate on a reduced draft of 2.4 m.

The vessel is adaptable to any working situation and any climate condition, including very cold, and its stability makes it a very comfortable vessel.

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Trimaran ROSSANA

SEA can rely on Trimaran ROSSANA, property of Interface Shipping Ltd.

Trimaran ROSSANA is a modular pontoon. The elements which it is composed of are shaped as standard size containers: it is therefore easily transportable both by land and by sea. The construction of the Trimaran ROSSANA, which was modified from Catamaran to Trimaran, thus adding safety and versatility, makes SEA very competitive when it comes to performing trenching operations in shallow waters and in shore approaches. Together, the Trimaran ROSSANA and the PTM, build a very special team, for safety, simplicity and speed in operations.

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