Pipeline shore approach | post trenching | pipeline shore approach | post trenching pipeline shore approach

Pipeline shore approach - Pipeline shore approach -

Pipeline shore approach pipeline shore approach

Sea Trenching // Pipeline shore approach

Pipeline shore approach - pipeline shore approachSea Trenching - Pipeline shore approach

pipeline shore approach post trenching

post trenching

pipeline shore approach

post trenching

Sea Trenching //Pipeline shore approach

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Franco Ballestri,
follows up on projects and work machines.
SEA S.r.l. is an Italian company highly specialised in sea trenching works. SEA differs from other companies in the same field because can offer a complete service: machinery design and, building (supervising the engineering part) and execution of trenching works. SEA’s main characteristic is the extreme versatility of its machines, which are suitable to perform trenches in most types of sea beds and with pipelines of various diameters. Although SEA s.r.l. was only recently incorporated (1992), it avails of the experience of a technical director with 30 years experience in trenching and dredging systems. He was pioneer in Italy in studying, building and introducing the “post trenching system” to bury pipelines and cables. The method was so innovative and functional that all the post trenching machines of the present day, in Italy, follow his technology. SEA has always been capable to solve all the problems encountered during the projects execution, thanks to its dynamicity, technical readiness and continuous development of the equipment
This experience, combined with a team of young technicians and engineers allows SEA to be a continuously evolving company, focused on the search of new systems and equipment. The headquarters of the company are in Ravenna, (offices, warehouse and workshop) but the subsidiaries in MALTA and BRAZIL play an important role in the management of the projects that SEA performs all over the world.
In Malta there is a workshop where the machinery, previously studied in Ravenna, is manufactured and maintained.
In Brazil , Rio de Janeiro, Sea has the availability of spacious offices and a suitable deposit area with dock, which is used to moor our naval means. This area is suitably fenced and controlled by security personnel.
In addition to burying operations, SEA technicians are available to examine a variety of solutions for the problems faced during the underwater operations in seas, lakes, lagoons, swamps or other water related sites.

SEA s.r.l.‘s main activities are the following:

  • Burial of sea lines (from 3” to 50”).
  • Shore approaches using Post trenching and Pre trenching system, even in very resistant seabeds (lime rock, coral and cemented sand) without the use of cofferdam thanks to the new patented technology of RACK
  • Laying and burial of electrical and power cables, optic-fibre cables
  • Flogging of sea lines and cables
  • River crossings
  • Installing and assembling small diameter pipelines
  • Hydraulic control of sea lines
  • Dredging of polluted materials deposited on the beds of ports, channels, rivers
  • Sea lines repair